OP Village trustee Deno Andrews

As April 6 nears, the candidate pool for Oak Park village board continues to narrow. Sitting trustee Deno Andrews announced on Facebook late Friday, Feb. 5 that he was no longer seeking reelection, feeling he has “done his duty.”

“Serving this village first as a Board of Health Commissioner for six years, and as a Trustee these last four years, has genuinely been an honor and privilege,” Andrews wrote.  
“I will save the official goodbye note for when my term is up the end of April.”

He joins fellow board members Trustees Dan Moroney and Simone Boutet, both of whom had launched campaigns for village president, in bowing out as candidates in the consolidated municipal election. All three were elected to the village board in 2017.

Andrews cited work constraints as his reasons for stepping out.

“Over the course of the last several years I have had the privilege of a flexible work schedule, which will not be the case moving forward,” Andrews wrote.

If reelected, Andrews’s new work schedule and travel load would require him to miss either too many board meetings or time spent with his family; neither of which he was willing to do, according to the statement.

 “I was really looking forward to debating the many issues facing Oak Park. But alas, at this time there are other priorities in my life,” Andrews wrote.

Andrews closed out his statement by thanking those who helped circulate his campaign petition, noting how challenging the COVID-19 pandemic made obtaining signatures.

“Your dedication to helping me get on the ballot is truly humbling,” said Andrews. “I owe you all and will absolutely be there for you when you need my support for one of your projects.”

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