Dan Moroney proposes to have a referendum: “Shall the village of Oak Park defund this police department?” He is using the wrong word. If you look in Webster’s dictionary, you won’t find it. If you ask your smart phone what “defund” means it says, “prevent from continuing to receive funds.” 

The word you want is “change” the funding. Many cities around the country have added to the police force with psychologists or a social worker to be sent to homes where the problem is a family situation. The change that is made is that a percentage of the funds goes to the psychologist or social worker. Since the police do not have to answer those calls, a smaller amount goes to the police. Therefore, it is not “defunding” it is merely a change.

And now to Kevin Peppard: He seems to delight in going after African Americans who are running for trustee, usually without all the facts. He has already been denied with one of the present candidates running. I was involved with the Glen Brewer and Peter Barber campaign. Peppard first went to the village claiming they did not have enough signatures. The village turned him down. He then went to the low court and claimed the same thing. They turned him down. He went to the highest court and that judge asked why he was wasting all this time, and they turned him down. 

All this took over two months, causing the two candidates to waste time and money because they had to hire lawyers. Up until the two weeks until the election. They had no time to campaign and used most of the money they had on lawyers. 

Kevin Peppard should not be listened to.

Douglas Wyman

Oak Park

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