As of Thursday last, at this house, we will fly Old Glory out front until this vain and inglorious president of ours is gone. At the people’s house the day before, the American flag, by a know-nothing rabble, was shamelessly waved and wrapped around their shoulders as a symbol of anarchy. We all witnessed the rioters, incited by our president, rage through the halls of our Capitol. We saw the disrespect, the desecration, and the violence. We saw them disrupt the work of Congress. We also saw that they did not prevail or stop anything. Congress met. Joe Biden will be our next president.

Who are these people? These rioters? They are not us. They are not Democrats or Republicans. They are something else. I hope they are only misguided. But if they are not good citizens, they had better not come to our house because our American flag stands for liberty, equality and justice under the law. These ideals have been our protection since the founding of America. 

Besides, we have a strong and resolute snowman out front standing guard. He is a symbol of home and neighborhood and joy. He will keep us safe from a mindless mob and a joyless president. He will keep us safe until peace and civility again graces our Republic and the daffodils bloom under our pear tree.

William Cragg

Oak Park

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