Cigar Oasis, a cigar lounge located at 6557 North Ave. in Oak Park, was ordered closed for a day by the Village of Oak Park for violating emergency rules during the pandemic regarding occupancy and on premises congregation and smoking. 

The 24-hour closure order was issued by Joseph Terry, interim director of public health for Oak Park. Terry issued the order, which is to be in effect on Tuesday Jan. 5, on Monday after Oak Park police officers stopped by Cigar Oasis on Sunday and observed numerous people inside the cigar lounge without face coverings. 

Police officers observed the people inside Cigar Oasis from the outside because, according to the closure order, the doors to Cigar Oasis were locked preventing police officers from entering the lounge.

 The order states that Cigar Oasis must be closed for a 24-hour period that started at midnight on Jan. 5, or until Cigar Oasis comes into compliance with the closure order. During the 24 hours that it is to be closed the order states that Cigar Oasis must present a plan to Terry outlining how it will conduct its retail business without allowing on premises consumption by patrons.  Cigar Oasis cannot open for sales until Terry approves the plan. 

Last week on Dec. 29 Cigar Oasis was served with a cease and desist notice ordering it to allow no more than 15 people in the store at any one time and not to allow smoking inside the store. Cigar Oasis has been flouting the executive order issued by Gov. J.B. Pritzker on Nov. 18 limiting the number of customers allowed inside most retail stores to no more than 25 percent of the normal maximum permitted occupancy.

 Four times in December before the cease and desist notice was issued police had observed more than 15 people smoking and congregating inside the lounge. The closure order states that Cigar Oasis shall not operate as a private club with patrons inside and doors locked. That would be a violation of Cigar Oasis’s business license, the order states.

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