As we debrief from our first, and hopefully our last, “Covid-Christmas,” we take time to show appreciation for loved ones we could not be with this year. In reflection, I realize that I probably would not have made it through this year without my friend, Anderson Kennedy, an OPRF 2020 graduate who currently works at the Careful Peach Boutique on North Boulevard. He is one of the kindest, funniest, most confident people I have ever met. 

This year, Anderson gave me an amazing assortment of items from Careful Peach, and I struggled to think of ways I could return my gratitude for the holiday season. I decided to dedicate this article to him because to say he’s newsworthy is a complete understatement. 

If you live in Oak Park and do not know Mr. Kennedy, I honestly feel sorry for you because he is larger than life. When you are with Anderson, you are at home. He treats everyone he meets with the same respect and hospitality no matter their age or background. He is the kind of person you would find people surrounding at a party for the chance to hear his great stories and alluring wit. There is something magnetic about him, and I find that I am most like myself when I am in his presence.

Anderson pays great attention to detail. With his skills of photography and decorating, he is consistent in making things look their best. With this, he is also an expert in making people feel their best, because he understands the importance of confidence and gratitude. As someone with poor taste (his words, not mine) I can always count on him to completely revolutionize the energy and appearance of any circumstance.

He approaches every situation the same way: with an enthralled sense of fearlessness. He is the man who will stand up for the underdog, hop the fence, and talk back to the rude employees at the local Jewel Osco. If there is anyone who has the courage to do something, it will always be his choice to go first. I look up to him for it. 

With that said, Anderson, (if you are reading this) I hope you find this a suitable gift for such an amazing person like yourself. You are an icon and there are so many people out there who love you. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and I hope you know how grateful I am for giving me the privilege to call you my friend.

Margaret Korinek

Oak Park

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