As the Earth approached the longest night of the year, we witnessed in River Forest yet another example that our country’s long national nightmare of racism is far from over. The home of one of our neighborhood’s Black families was desecrated with trash and slurs and their Black Lives Matter sign was taken.

We see the straight line between the centuries-old housing discrimination reinforced by threats and acts of violence endured by Black people on the greater West Side and this incident which violated the domestic sanctuary of a family already integral to this community. And though it may be beyond our power to hasten the Dawn, we can and surely must light the candles of truth and solidarity.

We call on communities of faith to speak about and against the living legacy of racism that fueled this act of intimidation. We call on those responsible to come forward with remorse and repentance. We invite the community to new patterns of relationship which engender respect, appreciation, healing and transformation. The light of love and justice might still dwell among us, not only in our hymns and decorations, but in our hearts and actions. 

Yes, Black Lives Matter.

Claire Noonan (President), Rev. Katherine Paisley (Vice President), Rabbi Max Weiss (Treasurer), Rev. Hailey Braden Lynch (Secretary), Rev. Alan Taylor (Past President), Reesheda Graham-Washington, Cleo Hagen, Bob Hahn, Heidi Kieselstein, Rev. Warren Riley, Mazell Sykes, Rev. Sue Youngblood 

Community of Congregations Board of Directors

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