Athena Williams, Executive Director of the Oak Park Regional Housing Center.

Oak Park Regional Housing Center was birthed out of the Fair Housing Act and the need, in the late 1960s, to create a welcoming community. Over the decades the Housing Center, by introducing over 100,000 diverse individuals into the village, has helped transform the very nature of Oak Park. Housing is the foundation that is essential for establishing healthy lifestyles, including mental and financial stability, that are crucial for creating successful households and vibrant neighborhoods.

On average, Oak Park Regional Housing Center works with 3,000 people per year. They receive services that include Fair Housing Education, Rental Apartment Referrals and Locations, Property Management Training, Financial Education, and much more! 

Our accomplishments for 2020 include:

  • Providing COVID-19 support to 1,450 renters
  • Assisting 2,000 registrants to find apartments in Oak Park
  • Helping 100 families become homeowners
  • Assisting 75 individuals improve their credit score

In 2021, we look forward to providing more support to renters and homeowners, bringing the community together around racial healing transformations and helping people with money management strategies. If you would like more information, to donate, or volunteer, please visit: And remember, housing is key!

—Athena Williams, Executive Director

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