Mommy, what’s a human?

Well dear, humans evolved from an ape-like ancestor, and we evolved from humans.

We look a bit like them, Mommy. What makes them different?

Well honey, humans love to fight and argue. The zoo had to build a 27-foot steel wall to stop them killing each other. Humans are very emotional. They fight about everything: God, skin color, taxes, life, love … even masks and toilet rolls during the Great Pandemic!

Yes, Daddy told me about that. And the leader who didn’t care.

Yep, they’re clueless. They voted for a liar and a cheat. It was a disaster.

I get emotional, Mommy. Sometimes I don’t like my friends when they point out my differences.

Yes honey, but you’re evolved. You’re in charge of your emotions. You communicate. You would never shoot someone, put children in cages, lock people up, burn fossil fuels, create tons of garbage, forget to recycle, or eat an animal.  

Wow! Is that what a human does?

Did sweetheart. Did! That’s why they’re a protected species and live in a zoo. If we didn’t evolve, learn to collaborate and take care of our planet, we’d all be dead by now. That’s why it’s got Danger — Human written above their cage. 

They nearly killed us all.

Val Gee

Oak Park

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