Mike Madigan is the albatross around the neck of the Democratic Party in Illinois. It’s a major reason the recent Fair Tax Amendment to the Illinois Constitution failed. His personal failings include: 

1. being at the center of the recent pay-to-play Con Ed scam which led to $150 million in higher energy costs for Illinoisans and indictments, including Madigan-aligned lobbyists and the CEO of Con Ed; 

2. sexual harassment allegations in his legislative and political offices that have led to departures of some of his most senior advisors in the last few years; 

3. his iron grip on legislators who depend on his fundraising prowess from unions and others to get re-elected, making them afraid to speak out; and 

4. his limiting of ethics reforms, including term limits. Madigan, 78, has been in office since 1970. His singular grip on power has led to Illinois having among the worst finances of the 50 states, something that will take decades to fix. 

I’ll say publicly something that many of my progressive friends will only whisper: Illinois will not advance unless Madigan exits the stage.

Jack Crowe

Oak Park

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