Just like in school, tutors and students must work through the challenges of remote learning. Cluster Tutoring’s Maggie Boyaris and her student, Kevin, have developed a winning tutoring structure — they’ve met four times each week since September.

Maggie and Kevin started tutoring together in summer 2018 at Oak Park’s Mathnasium for special math tutoring. Maggie joined Cluster that fall to keep working with Kevin, who is now a 6th grader.

%u200BThe two meet over Zoom Monday-Thursday afternoons. They work on all subjects, but have the most fun with math, “where Kevin has made leaps and bounds of improvements. One of Kevin’s greatest strengths is his ability to keep trying and to keep putting in the effort when things are hard.”

“I love working with Maggie,” Kevin said. “She helps me understand my work and makes me feel comfortable when I’m wrong.”

Maggie also credits Kevin’s parents. She had a Zoom call with the family in September to evaluate how the school year was going, and his parents sent Maggie links to access Kevin’s classes and teachers. “It’s been a real team effort,” Maggie said.

After their first summer tutoring together, Kevin wanted to find a special way to thank Maggie. His mother, Yolanda, told him that a gift “has to be about that person. I told my mom, ‘I think she is a super teacher.’ My mom made her a Super Teacher shirt like the hero Superman!”

Kevin’s parents agree. “We really appreciate Cluster for bringing Ms. Maggie into our and Kevin’s world,” Yolanda said. “She’s always cheering him on and reminds him to believe in himself.”

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