OPRF students in a Japanese classroom.

Through its Bobbie Raymond Summer Enrichment grant program, the OPRFHS Alumni Association helps current students take part in cultural exchanges, camps, and enrichment opportunities that advance their interests, knowledge and preparation for future goals.

Teanla went on the OPRFHS Japan Exchange program, where she lived with a host family and attended a Japanese high school.  As Teanla describes it: “This program gave me many wonderful things to learn and build on. I enjoyed seeing the Japanese culture close up living with my host family, they really tried to help me feel at home. We went out and I discovered landmarks and different traditions every day. I felt nervous at the beginning of the trip but my host family and other friends helped me relax. I learned that we should not feel ashamed of who we are, we all are different and that is what makes us ourselves.”

Lila attended an international music exchange program with Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp, and says: “I made many very close friends with the people on the program. Not everyone that I traveled with held the same political viewpoints as me and I found that difficult initially because I was used to the liberal perspective of Oak Park. However, I found that it was an opportunity to grow and consider how other people see things.”

Our ability to fund these life-changing opportunities for students most in need depends on your support today. Please donate now at https://tinyurl.com/oprfalumni-donate. Find out more about the Alumni Association at oprfalumni.com.

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