In his comment in Wednesday Journal, Illinois Senate President Don Harmon said, of the election result, “We did it.” [Viewpoints, Nov. 11]. Now, however, with Illinois facing a financial crisis because of the defeat of the Fair Tax and facing another coronavirus wave, Senator Harmon says, in effect, we can’t do it. The legislature can’t meet for its fall session. It wouldn’t be safe, he says, with the virus surging in Springfield and around the state.

Doctors and nurses are working. Police officers and firefighters are there for us. And grocery stores and drug stores are open, and their workers are helping us with our food and medicine. But is the state legislature meeting to pass laws to deal with these crises? No. It’s too dangerous. 

If it is too dangerous for them to meet in person, why can’t they meet virtually? People are doing their jobs this way all over the state. I understand there might be a need to change the rules to allow this, but that is something Senator Harmon could have been working on in July and August. Health officials were predicting another wave of the virus this winter. Legislative leaders could have been organizing things last summer so the legislature could do its job now. But apparently this wasn’t done.

In a letter I wrote in October, I suggested, in effect, what we needed in Springfield wasn’t the Fair Tax. What we needed was new people. This is a perfect example of that.

Patrick Allen

River Forest

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