Once again, village government has done something that contradicts the will of the general populace. Almost everyone I talk to dislikes high-rises in town, and wants to support small local businesses, but you would never know it from what our government does.

I like shopping at Pete’s on Lake Street (or at least did before the pandemic) but couldn’t understand why village government wanted them to open a second store on Madison within blocks of Sugar Beet and Jewel. There is no need for a grocery store there and it may kill Sugar Beet and badly hurt Carnival, not far away. I wrote a letter to that effect last year.

Now this week I was shocked to find out that the village is reimbursing them for the purchase of their land and paying some of their rent! Why? They can afford it and they aren’t really needed. I want my tax dollars going to the small businesses that do need help. It gives them a real fiscal advantage over little guys like Carnival and Sugar Beet.

Our mayor was elected specifically because so many in town wanted someone to stick up for local businesses for a change, but that sure isn’t what has happened. Why?

Joyce Porter

Oak Park

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