Dear President-elect Biden,  

Many years ago, while at my grandmother’s apartment, I met a friend of hers who was visiting. This woman was a “busy-body” type, spewing unsolicited advice. One of her statements, in particular, came to mind following your election. “Be careful what you wish for; you may be granted your wish!” 

If you thought winning the presidency was difficult, the future, unfortunately, seems even harder. We, the American public are a demanding and impatient bunch. Every goal you set and every promise you made will be expected to be addressed and satisfied yesterday! 

“What do we want and when do we want it?” … COVID-19 must be conquered immediately. The economy will be rosy and stable, and the job market will be open wide for all. Answers to improvement of the environment and concerns of climate change will be accomplished. Heath care will be improved and prescription drug charges will be reduced. 

Furthermore … civil rights, voting rights, and women’s rights will be assured for all. “Justice for All” will literally be in effect, and racism will be ended. Your cabinet, major leaders, and police will serve the public in a climate of fairness and respect. 

Also … The “Dreamers” and immigrants seeking asylum will be welcomed, and the remaining 545 incarcerated children (who were separated from their parents as a result of Trump’s dreadful Zero Tolerance policy) will be reunited with their families. In your efforts to unify our nation, there will be cordial discourse between Republicans and Democrats. Dignity will be restored. 

Additionally … To re-establish our status among the nations of the world, you will resume affiliation with our allies, rejoin the Paris Climate Accords, re-negotiate an Iran Nuclear Peace Treaty, and resume trade, rebuilding our world economy. 

Add to these issues … You will have to deal with whatever devious plans Trump conjures up to cause disruption of the final fair vote count. Among other disturbances, he may interfere with what our democracy holds dear: the peaceful transition of power. 

President-elect Biden, given these challenges, do you really wish to be president? Certainly, most of the nation wishes you well. My wish is that the majority of Americans support your efforts to heal our divided country and save our democracy. 

  Harriet Hausman

River Forest

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