We live in extremely polarized times. People treat each other rudely and with great disrespect. Currently, we are involved in a national screaming match in which no one is listening and no one is being heard. As a result, we feel less desire to try to communicate with those who feel differently than we do. We are feeling an escalation of anger and fear while experiencing greater adversity. Concurrently, there is an accelerated deterioration of the principles of kindness, respect, and personal integrity. Often we engage as children fighting on the playground. 

We are in dire need of a cultural developmental leap, a cultural maturing. Historically, countless events have propelled civilization in new and often better directions. The pandemic is one of these times. How can we use it to create a kinder and more respectful world? The question for each of us is: What story would you like future generations to tell about humankind’s response to the Pandemic of 2020?

For any cultural change to happen we must take an honest look at ourselves individually and understand how each of us is contributing to the current state of our country. We must learn to live more consciously and intentionally.  

 On Oct. 29 from 7 to 8 p.m., I am giving a Thrive Talk titled, “When I Am So Right and You are So Wrong: The Art of Disagreeing.” I will discuss specific and practical skills for creating our much-needed cultural developmental leap.   

To join the Zoom webinar please follow this link: https://zoom.us/j/93248032094

Steven Parker

Oak Park

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