In the pages of Wednesday Journal I’ve seen many pleas to support our local restaurants. I certainly agree with that sentiment. But I’d like to ask that we support all of our local businesses, and specifically our local hardware store, Dressel’s on Chicago Avenue.

The men and women who work there always seem to know which product is just the thing to solve any and all of our household problems. And their service goes far beyond that.

Recently, I had two problems they solved for me. First, I have a Keurig Coffeemaker and I have a rotating holder for the cups that go in the coffeemaker. Several months ago, suddenly, it wouldn’t stand upright, it wobbled and the cups would fall out. None of the replacement holders available would fit on my cabinet shelf. Second, just last week, the charging cable for my iPad broke off in the connecting slot on my iPad. I took both problems to the guys at Dressel’s.

The first problem was mostly a matter of inconvenience, the second a matter of a sizeable amount of money. The Dressel’s guys figured out a way to make my coffee cup holder work again, and they removed the broken off piece in the iPad in a matter of minutes. And what did they charge me in either case — nothing!

So beat a path to Chicago Avenue near Harlem with your household problems; you won’t be sorry.

Gail Popowits

River Forest

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