We have two pandemics at once: Donald Trump and the other is COVID-19. It’s fitting that they have now merged — let’s call it DONVID-20, and Trump is now exhaling the virus along with the hate speech, which seems to refresh and recharge him. He talks. And talks. And talks. 

It’s almost impossible to fight COVID when the person in charge is a megalomaniac, so mentally and psychologically impaired that he literally doesn’t know, and refuses to admit, how much he doesn’t know. He cannot survive for even a few days without making public appearances, sucking up public adulation and spitting out public attacks. Along with the virus.

Think about DONVID’s homecoming pageant from Walter Reed (see reinfection, reinvasion, recorruption, redebasement, resubversion). His destination was the Truman balcony, and he did a pretty good job of walking up the stairs to get to it. The balcony was the perfect setting for his drug-fueled lust for dictatorship and its trappings. (No other recent U.S. president has spoken from the balcony, although Obama opened it to host a reception for Angela Merkel. 

Dictators love military parades with plenty of military equipment, and love viewing them from a balcony. If DONVID stays on steroids, prepare for a bellicose pre-election parade with lots of heavy equipment. I’m hoping the leaders of West Point and Annapolis refuse to send their charges to prop up the DONVID. There are probably some military colleges in the South that will take part. (Sometimes I wish that Lincoln had gone in, rescued all the slaves, and kissed the South goodbye.)

DONVID’s lies (20,000 to date, according to the Washington Post) and insults pollute any event every time he speaks publicly, no matter the subject. He sprinkles his public appearances with what Shakespeare called “asides” and invariably refocuses the attention of any of his faithful fools who hang on his every word.

It is astonishingly “bush league” that he only acknowledged the kidnap/murder plot against Michigan’s female Governor Whitmer in a tweet, and a snarky one at that. But not unexpected. Her offense? She didn’t thank him. Outstanding work by state and federal agencies saved that woman’s life, but she didn’t thank him!

Apparently DONVID’s family is important to him, but only insofar as they will continue his legacy, continue the smoke-and-mirrors family business, and hang onto the money (if there is any). And continue to stay famous. The Kennedys, they’re not. The Rockefellers, they’re not. The Bushes, they’re not. I’m thinking Kardashians, but maybe with fewer implants. 

Speaking of other first families, Isn’t it telling that DONVID is the first president in decades who doesn’t have a dog? Well, he does have Lindsey Graham. So far.

This is the last column I will write about Donald Trump, even if he is re-elected. Thinking about him is not good for my health. 

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Mary Kay O'Grady

Mary Kay O'Grady is a former high school English teacher and later owned her own public relations business, The O'Grady Group. She has lived in Oak Park for almost fifteen years. She is currently the chairperson...

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