What does your business do & what sets you apart from others in your industry?

Majamas Earth manufactures 100% USA made intimates and loungewear for Women and Men, Maternity and Baby. Few intimate apparel lines are made in the USA and we’ve been operating as sustainably as possible for over 21 years.

What is “super” about your business?  Why is it special?

What makes us “super” is that regardless of the challenges we face to continue making our collections here in the States, we focus on keeping our collection made as locally as possible too. That helps keep our contractors running their shops, their people working and our collection consistent. Our apparel is special because we continue to use sustainable fabrics in soft solids and whimsical prints so you can look good and know you’re supporting a company that cares about our planet at the same time.

If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?

Flight, especially now during Covid. It would be great to be able to fly above the ground to see the world from a new perspective while staying socially distant at the same time.

What is one thing you have had to do to “pivot” to survive the Covid shutdown?

We had to stop expanding our collections and focus on our basics and move from a bigger, swankier space to a smaller one. In the long run, it’s cut down on our stress and given us a great excuse to slow down and enjoy the journey instead of always racing to meet the goal.

Name one thing you LOVE about our Chamber?

The closeness of the community. The Chamber is filled with fellow business owners who help each other out and really care about each other. I think weathering the storm knowing we have support if we need it, makes this entire challenge easier.

What’s the weirdest thing you sell or offer? Or have there been any odd customer requests?

Scrunchies…we started making them to use up old fabric. We thought these were here and gone in the 80s but they are really a fashion thing!

Name three of your favorite local businesses (besides yourself, of course!)

The Buzz Cafe, Maya, Geppetto’sToy Box

Visit Germaine Caprio at Majamas Earth

PO Box 948, Oak Park, IL 60303


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This Super Hero profile was created on 10/12/20

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