Is it acceptable …

… To separate families at the border and detain children in cages indefinitely?

… As the most richly-resourced nation, to lead the world with more than 25 percent of all COVID-19 deaths when we represent 4 percent of the population?

… To ask the head of a foreign country to dig up dirt on a potential presidential opponent?

… To not denounce the Russian government when it poisons its political adversaries, places bounties on American soldiers, and attempts to meddle in our elections?

… To claim every legitimate news story investigating some aspect of his administration is “fake news?”

… To promote the idea that if the President loses the election, then the election had to be rigged when the country has had over 200 years of presidential elections that have never been rigged?

… To refuse to publicly support a peaceful transfer of power, one of the hallmarks of our Republic?

… To repeatedly claim, without producing a shred of evidence and in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that voting by mail introduces fraud into the election?

… To continually raise the prospect of a fraudulent election before it takes place, undermining voters’ belief in the system?

… For the President to add to the death toll by downplaying the (airborne) virus in public statements and refusing to wear a mask when he knew how serious it was as early as February?

… To boast that he is one of the world’s richest men and to pay NO federal income tax in 11 of the last 18 years?

… As Commander-in-Chief, to describe fallen U.S. soldiers from past wars as “suckers and losers,” after earning a draft deferment because of bone spurs?

… To humiliate and debase longtime loyal allies like Germany while not challenging abuses from powers like Russia, Turkey, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia?

… For the Attorney General to serve as the personal attorney of the President?

… To oversee an administration and campaign that has already been stained with indictments of seven advisers and the convictions of four following a scandal-free administration overseen by the previous President?

… To operate a revolving door that has already seen four Chiefs of Staff, four National Security Advisors, two Secretaries of State, two Secretaries of Defense, two Attorneys General, and four Press Secretaries?

… To be the first candidate for President in 50 years who failed to disclose previous tax returns?

… To praise the white supremacists who rallied violently, and lethally, in Charlottesville as “good people?”

… To muse publicly that a 17-year-old boy who brandished, then used, an automatic weapon to kill two innocent people at a protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin acted in self-defense?

… To constantly play the victim card despite being perhaps the most privileged person in the world? 

… To govern in a way that presumes the checks and balances codified into our system of government by the founders of the Constitution do not apply to the Executive branch?

… To name a Supreme Court justice immediately before the election when that person may determine the election’s outcome?

… To conduct a four-day national party convention without ever mentioning George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, or systemic racism in police departments, except to reference the unrelated looting that has been associated with otherwise peaceful protests?

… For voters to ignore or discount the President’s payment of hush money to two women who allegedly had sexual encounters with him and bragging about abusing others?

… For voters to condone all this as precedents for the behavior of future Presidents?

… For voters to count the appointment of judges who oppose abortion and the Affordable Care Act and a reduction in taxes for the wealthiest Americans — the only achievements this Administration can rightly take credit for — as more important than all of these other considerations?

Examine your conscience. 

Vote your values.

Dan Doody is a longtime Oak Park resident.

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