There is growing interest in the race for Oak Park village president and open trustee seats in the coming April election. That’s good news as the issues facing this village are many and complex. We’ll benefit from a contested race and the sharing of many ideas.

In recent weeks we have been chasing down candidates and potential candidates. This week’s coverage reflects the return to the race for the top job by Trustee Simone Boutet. Just two weeks back we reported that Boutet, having announced her candidacy for village president months ago, was withdrawing from the race to start a family business in Washington State. Under that plan Boutet said she would retain her Oak Park home but would be spending extended periods of time in the Northwest precluding serving as village president.

Now she has shifted course, inspired in part, she says, by the life work of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and will rejoin the race. So by our current count there are three candidates for village president: Village Clerk Vicki Scaman, activist Cate Readling and Boutet. Other names of possible village president candidates are also floating.

On the trustee front, we report today on the announcement by Stephen Morales that he is running for trustee. In an interview with our Stacey Sheridan, Morales said he is uncertain if he will run as an independent or join a slate. The group Activate Oak Park is planning a slate of trustees and there are reports that Boutet is also contemplating a slate.

As with village president, there are additional potential candidates considering making the trustee race.

This is all good.

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