Too hot to walk outside today;

too muggy sometimes not to sweat;

too cloudy to walk without hitting rain;

too buggy I fear to attempt in woods.

Too frightening to try in crowded streets;

too lonely to walk too far alone;

too tricky to walk 6 feet away;

too familiar to have anywhere new to go.

Too tired sometimes to want to go;

too lethargic often to leave the couch;

but too busy on good days to have much time;

with too little planning for the needed pause.

Too many options closed for too long;

too many days turning into the next;

too many old ways fading into memory;

and too much uncertainty about what will come back.

But never too grateful for all that is left,

for food, for home, for family, and friends,

for occupations, hobbies, books, and dreams,

and sweet working legs and eyes. 

Gratitude overflowing, while the daily count of the fallen becomes

too many, too many, and too many more.

Diane Redleaf

Oak Park

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