Elections are conducted within each sovereign state. The president at the federal level has no legal power over elections within sovereign states.

The USPS is a federal agency subject to the president by appointing the Postmaster General. 

No matter what funding the USPS gets, the loyal appointee to the Postmaster General job controls all operations of the USPS. 

The Board of Governors are also appointed by the president. They currently are all old white corporate males like the current president.

Although the USPS has the capability to distribute, collect, and deliver absentee and mail-in applications and live ballots, the individual sovereign states must no longer allow ballot applications and actual ballots to be in the unaccountable custody of this federal agency subject to the influence of a president. 

This is especially true and dangerous to democracy when a man on the ballot is dishonorable and desperate to win, with intentions to manipulate the USPS for his own benefit, with no respect for law.

Therefore, each sovereign state and territory must quickly devise a plan for distributing, collecting and delivering ballot applications and ballots. We must avoid using the USPS to avoid federal influence on the ballots for sovereign state elections. 

This is a war to save democracy like we have never seen here previously and we must quickly adapt as we would in any other wartime situation. 

Leslie Roberts

Oak Park

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