River Forest officials started the ball rolling on this summer’s street construction at the May 26 virtual village board meeting, approving a contract for the 2020 street improvement project and authorizing spending motor fuel tax (MFT) funds for that project and the 2020 asphalt crack-sealing and street-patching projects.

Both were approved when the consent agenda was unanimously approved.

The majority of the $630,000 MFT funding will pay for the majority of the road improvement work, with $500,000 going toward that, $91,425 for street patching and $43,400 for crack sealing. 

Although the village budgeted $825,000 for street resurfacing, the contract with Builders Paving LLC of Hillside is for $768,000. The village also budgeted $275,000 from the infrastructure improvement bond fund and $50,000 from the water and sewer fund for work associated with the road improvements.

Streets to be resurfaced this summer are Oak Avenue from Thatcher Avenue to Bonnie Brae Place, Quick Avenue from Lathrop Avenue to Bonnie Brae, Jackson Avenue from Chicago Avenue to Augusta Street, Franklin Avenue from Oak to Chicago, Keystone Avenue from Chicago to Thomas Street, Forest Avenue from Chicago to Thomas, Jackson Avenue from Lake Street to Quick and Monroe Avenue from Lake to Oak. 

Start dates have yet to be determined.

The street improvement project consists of resurfacing the asphalt roadway in various locations on an as-needed basis. At times, portions of the adjacent curb and sidewalk also are replaced.

Impacts to traffic are minimal as the driving surface will be passable in all phases of the work. The only time the roadway will be inaccessible is when the construction crews are present and working on a particular area. On-street parking will not be allowed during the work. 

Builders Paving’s bid was the lowest of 10 received, with the high bid $896,855. Builders Paving has not previously worked in River Forest, but Village Engineer Jeff Loster said multiple references had been contacted and all those who responded indicated only positive feedback.

Contracts for crack sealing and street patching were awarded in April 2019, crack sealing to Denler Inc. of Joliet and street patching to McGill Construction LLC of Frankfort.

Street patching locations have yet to be identified.

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