A French documentary crew, led by journalist Auberi Edler, is making a film about the World’s Largest Laundromat, located in Berwyn, and its philanthropic and environmental contributions. 

The laundromat, owned by Oak Parker Tom Benson, uses solar power, recycling, express machines and special lighting, making it a green business.  

It partners with the Berwyn and Cicero public libraries for its children’s summer reading program, Read-to-Ride. For every book a child reads, they get a raffle ticket and a chance to win a bike. The more books, the better the odds are of winning. 

The laundromat also encourages youth creative writing. For junior and high school students, the laundromat has a short-story contest. 

The World’s Largest Laundromat got its title in 1983, after it won an industry-wide contest.

Stacey Sheridan 

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