2019 was a downright delicious year for all of us at Oak Park Eats and I enjoyed a massive number of delicious things in our little foodie alcove! Its no secret I do A LOT of cooking and I really love taking a break to enjoy a good meal made by someone else.

As hard as it was, I picked a dozen of my very favorite local sips and nibbles from 2019. Some of my favorites were available at one-time-only events, others are featured on our local restaurants’ everyday menus and a few are artisan-made products available via subscription or found at pop-up markets. It should be noted none of these morsels are organized in order of preference.

Oh and because all the most passionate food lovers are indecisive, I’ve included a few honorable mentions at the end of this list. Enjoy this delicious look back at some of 2019’s best bites!

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