The village of River Forest will add approximately six boulder traffic barriers at the intersection of Hawthorne and Thatcher avenues, after two cars barreled through the backyards of homes of the T-intersection within days of each other in late March. 

“It’ll get the job done and it’ll look relatively nice with granite boulders there,” said John Anderson, director of the Public Works Department. 

The boulders will weigh about a half-ton each and measure about 2.5 feet by 2.5 feet.

Anderson said he’s met with the residents to discuss safety solutions to the intersection, and digging into the parkway is not an option since there are gas lines underneath. He said the village has already added “diamond reflectivity” to all signage at the intersection, a new double-arrow sign, and a flashing beacon under the Metra train viaduct. 

He said he also discussed replacing the lighting at the intersection, but neighbors preferred the “current aesthetic as it exists.” 

“You don’t know if any of these things would make a difference,” Anderson said. “We’re just trying everything to improve safety there.”  

Nona Tepper

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