We enthusiastically support Amanda Massie for the OPRF High School Board of Education. Amanda will bring a unique perspective to the District 200 board. As part of an interracial couple with two biracial sons, she has personal experience with the unique challenges faced by students of color. 

Additionally she has the perspective of having lived and sent her sons to schools in Virginia and California, in addition to Oak Park. She and her family moved to Oak Park in 1997 where her sons attended Oak Park public schools. 

A job transfer for her husbands’ career with United Parcel Service took them to Los Angeles after six years here. But in 2012, when deciding where to settle for their final relocation, Amanda and Noel chose Oak Park because of all the communities they lived in, Oak Park displayed the ideals in which they believe: diversity, tolerance, inclusion, and community.

We got to know Amanda over the past three years while participating together in the D200 petition drive for the pool and facilities referendum and involvement with OPRF Pragmatic Solutions. 

Many issues that emerged during her activism were expressed subsequently in the documentary: America to Me. It seemed to us, and Amanda too, that too much time is devoted to issues distracting from the primary mission of our high school: academic success for all our kids. We need a representative on the board who will insist that our high school returns to that core mission. 

Amanda is committed to this. She is equally committed to judicious and cost-effective spending — spending to address the needs, not the wants, of the high school and our communities. 

She is committed to being a responsible steward of our precious tax dollars.

Bruce Kleinman

Maureen Kleinman

Oak Park

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