Democrats are such suckers. Perhaps we deserve to keep losing elections to vicious, anti-American, racist, homophobic, antediluvian, willfully ignorant, misogynistic, corrupt Republicans. 

Democrats fall all over themselves demanding Virginia Governor Ralph Northam resign over a decades-old photograph posted by a right-wing conspiracy website. Why? No one believes Northam is racist. No one accuses him of racist political behavior as governor nor of any misdeeds in the past 30 years. He apologized for his poor taste in the distant past. 

What are the consequences of this Democratic overreaction?

1) Democrats are eating their own. The Republicans could not be happier. We have an overtly racist president, who is supported at every turn by almost every Republican in Congress, yet Democrats are outraged when another Democrat is found to have shown poor judgment.

2) “Zero tolerance” means “zero intelligence.” For any transgression, no matter how minor, to be punished by the political death penalty is outrageous. Making a joke in poor taste is equated with actually lynching or raping a victim.

3) This kind of knee-jerk political correctness convinces 1/3 of Americans that they will always be held in contempt by liberals. Some are outright racists and we do not covet their votes; the GOP can have them. However, many more do not consider themselves racist, but still feel they will be shunned because the PC brigade allows no room for the slightest error in judgment. This is the flagrantly unjust type of PC that Trump so successfully disdains to the cheers of his supporters.

4) Democrats allow no sense of humor. The stupid photo in question was obviously intended as a joke. Humor in poor taste, but humor. These were not two people ready to head out to lynch anyone. Al Franken also felt the wrath of those lacking a sense of humor. He was banished from the Senate for a spur-of-the moment joke in the distant past. No one was hurt; no one was intended to be hurt. No one even complained until they were goaded into it by the self-righteous PC squad. Poor taste? Yes. Deserving the Death Penalty? Absolutely not.

5) We will run out of Democrats. The level of “transgression” that is permitted is so trivial that no sane person can imagine they could survive public life as a Democrat. Republicans are shameless, and hang on despite proven felonious behavior. They pride themselves in expressing overt racism, homophobia, misogyny, xenophobia, and ignorance. Democrats have no room for error, and are eaten alive by their own over something they forgot 35 years ago. In contrast, the GOP had no qualms about installing a likely serial rapist onto the U.S. Supreme Court.

6) The Republicans now know that in the 2020 election, all they have to do is disinter some tiny ancient “sin” by the Democratic candidate, then wait until three weeks before the election, and reveal the sin to the media. The Alt-Right trolls are already gearing up after this successful foray into domestic terrorism. The Democrats will concede the election without a fight. They will feel self-righteous as they hand a second term to Donald Trump, Pussy-Grabber-in-Chief, Servile Underling of Vladimir Putin, The Most Corrupt President in U.S. History. 

The Democratic candidate will have been soundly punished for winking at a girl in high school.

When will Democrats grow up and act like they belong in charge?

Tom DeCoursey is a longtime resident of Oak Park.

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