Substitute teachers and substitute teaching assistants in Oak Park Elementary Schools District 97 are now taking home more money after the school board voted unanimously during an Oct. 23 regular meeting to increase their daily pay rate by $7 — from $103 to $110. Board member Rupa Datta was absent. 

The change only applies to substitute teachers and substitute teaching assistants who have the appropriate credentials, district officials pointed out in a statement released last week. 

They explained that anyone who only possesses an Illinois paraprofessional license will “continue to receive the rate of pay that the board approved in January 2018 ($45 for a half day or $90 for a full day).”  

The pay increase comes after district administrators compared the pay of D97 substitutes to the average substitute pay in 30 other suburban school districts. District officials said that they hope the increased pay rate will help them fill more substitute teaching positions. 

Anyone interested in becoming a substitute teacher must have a valid Illinois teaching or substitute teaching license. For more information, visit  


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