Jill Wagner

Thank you to all our little eaters who came to draw their favorite food on our Oak Park Eats banner this weekend at Fall Fest.

We asked our pint-sized friends to draw their favorite food, and not only did we get lots of food, we were delighted that some friends thought outside of the plate and drew rainbows, Baymax, self-portraits, or sunshines.  

Although many delicious foods were shared, there were at least a dozen slices of pepperoni pizza, ice cream sundaes, double and triple scooped ice cream cones, and lots of watermelon.  In addition we loved the variety, soup (with noodles), donuts, peas, macaroni & cheese, burgers, strawberries, blueberries, even sushi.  

Thanks for sharing your artwork with us and letting us know the foods you like to eat. We sure like to eat too and you made us very hungry!

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