It’s been about four years since Oak Park Village Trustee Jim Taglia opened the Red Mango yogurt and smoothie shop at 1044 Lake St., and on Friday, Aug. 31, the business closed shop for the last time.

Taglia, who served as a member of the Oak Park Township Board of Trustees when he opened the shop, said the business was successful, but he decided to close because it was too much to handle with his other responsibilities.

Along with serving as a village trustee — Taglia was appointed to the position in 2017, when Trustee Adam Salzman vacated the position — Taglia is owner of the Lake Station, Indiana-based company Pro-Chem-Co Inc., which manufacturers chemicals used in the steel and metalworking industries.

Over the last four years, Red Mango has generated approximately $250,000 in sales tax, about 20 percent of which went to the Village of Oak Park, Taglia said.

Taglia said his work with Pro-Chem-Co requires him to travel frequently and drive to Indiana on an almost daily basis.

He said closing the restaurant was “bittersweet” and that he would miss his “wonderful employees.”

“It’s been a great four years,” he said.


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