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Poor Phil’s Bar and Grill, 139 S. Marion St., is working to help the environment by switching to all sustainable utensils, according to owner Dennis Murphy.

Wednesday Journal recently heard about the restaurant’s switch to green flatware when the village directed the Environment and Energy Commission to look into the issue of plastic straws in restaurants.

Murphy said Poor Phil’s has not only started using biodegradable straws, it’s also switched to non-bleached, biodegradable dinner napkins, wooden bar picks instead of plastic and jettisoned it’s Styrofoam cups. To-go containers and eating utensils are also biodegradable, Murphy said.

Murphy said that although the new utensils are costing him more, he didn’t feel good about contributing to the plastic and other items that are polluting the earth.

“I’m a major contributor to [plastics polluting the oceans], and I investigated and there are a lot of options,” he said.

He said he’s purchasing most of his eco-friendly flatware from a company called Eco Products.

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