I was amazed reading “In the aftermath of a bloodbath” by Ray Heise [Viewpoints, March 14]. Normally, Mr. Heise is a proponent and preacher of gun control and trust in government.

Yet he made an excellent case for why citizens need an AR-15 — and why arming teachers is a great idea.


If the Browardly Lion shows up in an active shooter situation instead of a real sheriff, you bet I need an AR-15 to defend the children.

Furthermore, if I have a handgun, you bet I will risk my life to save the children from a shooter with an AR-15!


Forty-five home visits by the police and two very clear tips about a potential crazy shooter are blown off by the school, FBI, sheriff. This is not just blaming failure of the system; this is a failed system.

And a failed system is anarchy.

So yes, I need an AR-15 if cowardly police and failed government systems are all that protect me.

John Erickson

Oak Park

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