The Children’s School, a K-8 private elementary school located in Berwyn that promotes a progressive education philosophy, recently announced that it will be leasing space inside of the former St. Edmund School, at the corner of Pleasant Street and Oak Park Avenue, which closed in 2016. 

The Children’s School was founded in Oak Park in 2004 and it’s still legally incorporated as The Children’s School of Oak Park, according to a statement the school released on Feb. 12. It has been located on the former campus of St. Mary of Celle School in Berwyn for the last 12 years. 

The move to St. Edmund, which will be completed next school year, was prompted by growing enrollment. The school has grown from 32 students to more than 100, and has a full teaching capacity of 145. 

Pamela Freese, The Children’s School’s director of administration, said that the move back to Oak Park will also “make our school more accessible for some families, and we hope that the relatively close proximity will make the transition easier for those who live closer to the Berwyn facility.” 

Mark Falkoff, the school’s treasurer and a board member, said that the move “will not affect next year’s tuition, which had already been set at 2.8 [percent] increase over last year.” 

 Michael Romain

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