Excellent writing again, Nona [SUV hijacked at gunpoint in River Forest driveway,  Nona Tepper, oakpark.com]. The unfortunate part some people play in carjacking is the example that I recently watched take place. 

It was a cold day. A woman leaves her car unattended and running so she can go pay the meter which was about 40 feet away and requires all the different things you now need to spend time focusing on while paying a meter in Oak Park.

Once she completed paying the meter, she went back to her car, and turned it off. She opened the back door of her car and removed a child about 3 years of age, and walked to the other side and removed a child about the age of 4. Then she walked with her two children to a store.

She wanted to keep her children warm in the car that was left unattended and running for no more than 5 minutes. 

You can keep writing that the police must inform the public, which is always important, but regardless how many people know the information, they never think it will happen to them.

After watching what that woman did, I could not understand why she would ever want to risk losing her two children just so they could stay warm for less than 5 minutes.

Paul Wonney

Oak Park

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