It is disheartening that we never seem to learn from history. The plan to offer tax breaks to corporations (who are already recording major profits) and the upper 1% of our wealthy population has been documented as a failing proposition. The “trickle-down theory” is supposed to provide money for jobs but it has failed to fulfill its promise. Instead, within a few years following tax innovations that set a wide division between the haves and the have nots, we have suffered a Great Depression (in 1929) and a Great Recession (in 2008).

I have had the benefit of living through both difficult periods. Now I must endure an even greater tax arrangement offered to our corporations and the upper 1% of our population.

To add to my disappointment in our Republican Party, some 13 million people will be without health care insurance, and an estimated 9 million children who received health care through the federally financed “CHIP” program was not renewed. Additionally, we have been told by several Republican leaders that it may be necessary to “adjust” Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security in the near future to help pay for the trillions of dollars deficit caused by the tax breaks provided for our wealthiest. Is this how our tax money should be spent?

This is not what one would expect from the Republican Party, but under President Trump’s administration it is no longer the fiscally conservative, deficit-concerned group. It is truly alarming as one reflects on the future of the Republican Party.

On another subject, I can’t help but question the unusual behavior by Fox News reporters and some of President Trump’s supporters. They are trying to demean the FBI and the special prosecutor’s investigation of Russian interference in our election process. They apparently believe President Trump is guilty of association with the Russians. Otherwise they would desire the thorough investigation that would exonerate the President of any wrongdoing.

I refuse to give up my hope for a change of priorities for our nation’s future. I certainly am realistic about the damage from present laws and the many necessary environmental regulations that have been recalled. But I have faith in the American society at large who are willing to protest for change. Perhaps 2018 will be the year when many of our concerns will be resolved.

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