Meet Superheroes Maribeth Stein & Louise Starmann!

Maribeth & Louise own Senior Life Consulting in Oak Park which employs 2 people.

What does your business do?

At Senior Life Consulting, we work with older adults and their significant others to help them identify and achieve their long term goals. Through education, information, and connection to resources, we take the fear out aging!  

What is “super” about your business?  Why is it special?

We’re “super” because we have decades of experience in the field of aging; in both the public and private sectors. Our expertise in connecting older adults to resources and offering support to caregivers is second to none. We cut through confusing information and are able to match individuals with appropriate programs and services that can support their personal needs. We are unbiased and only refer our clients to resources that provide quality care with a proven track record of positive outcomes.   

Tell us a bit about yourself…

Wow, that’s a tough one! We both love to travel. Louise is a golfer and is always on the go! Maribeth loves to cook and is obsessed with movies!

If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?

That’s easy! Our superpower would be to change people’s minds about seniors. It is unfortunate, but so often in our country seniors aren’t given the respect they deserve. We wish we had the power to change that!  

Why did you choose to invest in our community?

Maribeth has been an Oak Park resident for over half of her life. She and her husband have previously owned small businesses in Oak Park and love the community. Although Senior Life Consulting serves the entire Chicagoland area, we chose Oak Park as the home of our business because it is a community that cares about their seniors and the Oak Park businesses care about each other.

What local organizations have you been able to support in the past?

Unfortunately, we haven’t the time to support all of the organizations that we wish we could! In the past, Maribeth has been involved locally in; the Cluster Tutoring Program, Reading Buddies Program for Longfellow School, and the Oak Park Avenue Business District Assn (Now the Hemingway District). Louise has served on various boards and committees throughout the state.

What’s the weirdest thing you sell or offer? Or have their been any odd customer requests?

We don’t have a lot of weird in our business but many surprises. One time, we were planning on holding a family meeting to discuss the parents of a very big family. We expected two of the family members to show up and had the meeting place all set. All of the sudden people started to arrive. It turned out that eight of them showed up! It was very crowded but great to feel the love and support they had for their parents and for each other. These are the times that we are reminded about how much we love what we do!

Name three of your favorite local businesses (besides yourself, of course!)

PetVets, Careful Peach, and of course the Lake Theater!

Visit Maribeth & Louise at Senior Life Consulting

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This Super Hero profile was created on November 9, 2017

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