Meet Super Hero Gabriel Padilla!

Gabriel owns Rustico in Oak Park which employs 19  people.

What does your business do?

At Rustico, we try to bring the best of Italy’s and Spain’s cuisine under one roof.

What is “super” about your business?  Why is it special?

I think the team’s commitment to quality is what makes it special to me.  

Tell us a bit about yourself…

When I’m not busy cooking in the kitchen, I love playing baseball. I’ve been playing in amateur leagues for a long time and am a big Cubs fan.

If you could pick a superpower, what would it be?

Cook faster!

Why did you choose to invest in our community?

Oak Park is a beautiful city, and it’s close to my home.

What local organizations have you been able to support in the past?

In the short period that Rustico has been around, we have participated in several charities and are always open to get more involved.  Please don’t hesitate to stop by and tell us about your charity and how we can be of help.

What’s the weirdest thing you sell or offer? Or have there been any odd customer requests?

I hope nothing we sell is considered weird. If I’m wrong, please let me know! I think once in awhile every restaurant gets an odd request. However, we are here to make sure our customers have a wonderful experience and get to enjoy their food exactly the way they like it.

Name three of your favorite local businesses (besides yourself, of course!)

Maya Del Sol, Sushi House, Altiro

Visit Gabriel Padilla at Rustico

722 Lake St. in Oak Park

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This Super Hero profile was created on October 10, 2017

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