Headed by President Angela Gambino and Vice President Miguel Contreras, who both bring over 21 years of life and health insurance experience to the table, the Brokerage Resources team is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and higher-quality care at lower costs. Living by their credo “Superior Service is our Minimum Standard,” the team takes time to get to know every client, identifying both their needs and what matters most to them. “We don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions, every strategy we craft is tailor-made to help meet your expectations, hopes, aspirations and goals, whether it’s acquiring wealth or protecting what you already have,” said Angela. 

Brokerage Resources offers the following services: retirement planning strategies, insurance planning, business planning strategies, legacy planning strategies, Medicare supplement, Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D Plans and Social Security exploration. They also offer no-obligation financial reviews.

No matter which service the client needs, Brokerage Resources operates on a carefully guided 4-step process: (1) They discover each clients’ plans through fact finding and goal setting; (2) They help clients get organized with meetings, recommendations and developing financial strategies; (3) They implement the plans and strategies, providing clarification along the way; and (4) Finally, they monitor clients’ plans through ongoing reviews and making modifications.

“We’re really happy to be here. The Brokerage Resources team is looking forward to providing the community with these resources. Let us know how we can help you!” said Angela.

“The City of Berwyn is here to help with all of your needs, thank you for choosing to open shop in Berwyn and welcome to the community,” said Mayor Robert J. Lovero. BDC Board President Jousef Mondragon continued, “It can be challenging to navigate healthcare and insurance, but we have stewards like you and your team to bring excellent options and services to Berwyn—we thank you for that.”

Connect with Brokerage Resources online at GambinoBR.com, via email at angela@gambinoBR.com or via phone at (708) 637-4480. For more information on the Brokerage Resources, Inc. ribbon cutting, contact the BDC at (708) 788-8100.

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