Dear Ken:

I hope this reaches you with my message of gratitude and good wishes as you close one chapter and open another.

Through your WJ years you have always received my submissions and seen them through to print. For this I’m grateful, plenty grateful.

You’ve helped me find a pulpit in the town, so to speak, which has given me a way to express what’s on my mind for the wider good in our town(s).

More than that, I appreciate your own regular column and your inclination always to pull the pendulum toward what is humane, relevant, and necessarily unsettling to the status quo.

We’ll miss you but hope we haven’t heard the last of you.

God’s safekeeping as you journey ahead!

Yours in friendship,

Dean Lueking

River Forest

Editor’s note: Ken Trainor will be (mostly) retiring on June 6. He will continue to write a column, edit Viewpoints, and help out on deadline, but will let go of his other responsibilities. He is looking forward to having more time for other projects.

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