Miles and Jaxon Toppen adopted Montel, a feisty, 170-pound green sea turtle.

Montel, a green sea turtle, was dealt a bad deck of cards. First, he got tangled up in fishing line, severing his front left flipper. Then, a shark devoured half of his front right flipper, leaving a visible outline of its bite. Finally, while floating on the surface of the water, a boat struck Montel, damaging his right eye permanently. Any of these things individually would be devastating to a turtle. But thanks to a feisty spirit, Montel is a survivor and now a permanent resident under the care of the Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida. 

River Forest brothers, Jaxon and Miles Toppen, adopted Montel in the name of the One Earth Film Festival with their winnings from the One Earth Young Filmmakers Contest. At the March film festival, the boys won $75 for themselves plus a $75 matching gift to donate to a sustainability organization supporting the theme of their film.

The boys won the top prize at the elementary/middle school level for “Shells in Need of Saving: Tales of Two Turtles”. Their 8-minute documentary recounts the stories of two injured sea turtles they met when they visited The Turtle Hospital in Marathon, Florida. The boys learned that turtles face many dangers. Ingesting plastic trash can cause blockages in their digestive systems. A disease called fibropapilloma is growing at an alarming rate among turtles, where tumors grow over their eyes and flippers (Montel had developed this disease too, for example). There is also the ever-present danger of being hit by a boat.

Follow Montel’s progress on the One Earth Film Fest website at:

The One Earth Young Filmmakers Contest is accepting submissions now for the 2018 awards. Prizes are $1,000 at the college level, $350 at the high school level, $100 at the middle school level, and $75 at the elementary school level. Each winner also receives a matching gift to donate to a sustainability organization supporting the theme of their film. Learn more here: email with questions.

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