My name is David Wick and I was just re-elected as a park commissioner for the Park District of Oak Park. This will be my second and final term. I ran unopposed, which is why you may not have seen my name in this publication, nor on lawn signs and mailers. 

I am very proud of my first four years of service and look forward to the next four. The park district is an incredible organization that does a wonderful job of providing park space and programming for all of us. It has been an honor serving on the board and representing each Oak Park resident. 

It was brought to my attention that there is a fellow resident who decided to “put the word out” to not vote for me. On a Facebook post he listed five candidate names whom the citizens of Oak Park should not vote for, spanning districts 200 and 97 and the village clerk. Four of the five of us had one thing in common: We voted Republican in the last primary. 

Did I choose a Republican ticket last April? When voting in a primary election one has to choose a party. There must have been a candidate on the Republican ticket I was interested in voting for. Does this make me a Republican? No, it does not. I am an Independent. I will always vote for the candidate I believe will do the best job for the office he/she is running for. If this person had taken the time to actually look at my voting record, going back over the last decade, he would have seen that there are occasions where I declared as a Democrat as well as Republican. 

Am I upset that there is a fellow resident who does not wish to vote for me? Absolutely not! It is our right to vote for whoever we wish. But I would prefer that anyone who disagrees with me would do so based on concepts such as track record, policy disagreement, or simply not seeing eye-to-eye on park issues. 

For this person to call me out simply based on voting Republican in the last primary is ludicrous. As far as I know I have never met this person and he has never asked my views regarding our parks. I bet he did not know that I have never missed a board meeting during my first four years of service. And if he wanted to know how I voted on park district matters, a simple review of our meeting minutes on the park district website shows my voting record. 

The only things he knows about me is that I live in Oak Park and I was running for the Park Board — oh yeah, and that I voted Republican last year in the primary election. That is very narrow-minded of him to put me on his “list” of undesirables for this election.

Why did he not talk with me at his party’s Meet and Greet on March 11? I was there talking with anyone who came to the park district table. I do not remember him stopping by to talk to this supposed Republican about park issues. 

More than 7,000 votes were cast for me in our (non-partisan) election on Tuesday. I appreciate all who voted for me, whether you are Democrat, Republican, or any other party affiliation. I have an open-door policy when it comes to talking with anyone regarding park matters. I may not always be able to provide the answer(s) you are looking for, but I will listen and try to get you the information you seek. All you have to do is ask. 

Let’s talk if you have concerns about anything. If you have concerns about me, all you have to do is ask.

David Wick is a Park District of Oak Park commissioner.

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