It is deeply ironic that many voted for Trump because they believed him to be a successful businessman, despite his many bankruptcies. One look at his proposed budget reveals why he failed at business. Despite claims of fiscal conservatism, his budget increases the deficit. He slashes everything except the military, on which he squanders a mountain of unneeded cash, and further erases any potential savings by massive tax cuts for the billionaire class. 

Several decades of historical experience show unequivocally that when every Republican administration cut taxes for the rich, the deficit skyrocketed. Economists realize this, but the modern Republican does not believe in historical facts or in listening to experts. 

The Republican philosophy has never been more clear: Take everything from the middle class and poor, and give it all to the very richest Americans.

The proposed cuts will cripple the U.S. economy. For example, Trump wants to cut the NIH budget for medical research by 20%. Most NIH funding supports the salaries of scientists. This means that 20% of working scientists will be fired. The same is true for cuts to all other parts of the non-military economy. The government directly employs 2.7 million people [1], not counting the military. Note that Obama already decreased federal government employees to the lowest number since 1966 [2]. Cutting spending means firing these workers (mechanical engineers, statisticians, auditors, firefighters, biologists, chemists, computer scientists, economists). 

Unemployed workers cannot contribute to the economy. In addition, once they are fired, who will deliver the mail, inspect meat for contamination, hassle you at the airport, fight forest fires, protect consumers from fraud, or take care of veterans? 

These millions of newly unemployed by arbitrary elimination of government-supported jobs will lose their health insurance, and they will not be able to buy insurance because the GOP is repealing the Affordable Care Act and replacing it with a more expensive version that covers 24 million fewer people. Will hospitals accept tens of millions of newly uninsured patients? If so, they will go bankrupt. 

If not, then who will decide which should die? Republican death squads? Because anyone who voted for Trump knew that he promised to take away their health insurance, perhaps they should be denied hospital care. We all support personal responsibility, right? If you voted for this disaster, you should be the first to suffer the consequences.



Tom DeCoursey

Oak Park

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