Since 1903, the citizen boards of Oak Park Township have been elected and entrusted with the management, supervision, and oversight of township programs and services for members of our community at every stage of life. With the commitment of our highly qualified staff, your township has continued to respond to the needs of families, senior citizens, and young people. 

Services we provide to our community include crisis intervention, supportive assistance, mental health resources, and financial aid. In addition, the township is actively involved in helping local residents resolve property tax issues, facilitating voter registration and administrating elections. Our partners in these efforts include both school districts, our village, our police department, our congregations, our library, community organizations, and over 60 selfless volunteers. Because of the wide range of services provided, the township is important to our community, as are the people chosen to lead it. 

On April 4, you will elect the leadership of Oak Park Township in our local quadrennial election. A group of experienced, knowledgeable Oak Park citizens has come together as the Oak Park Community Service Party to represent our neighbors and our community through board service. Our slate represents and reflects Oak Park’s best attributes: diversity, passion, wisdom, enthusiasm, and accountability. Each of us brings to the task a strongly held belief in local governance and a willingness to invest in our township. Each of us is committed to stewarding our resources responsibly and efficiently. Together, we have agreed to serve our fellow taxpayers, our staff, and our clients respectfully, with compassion and transparency.

We believe government is best when it is local, responsive, and efficient. The township’s track record of direct services and program support follows this enduring vision. Our leadership will always be grounded in, and driven by, that belief. As we look ahead to the next four years of community service to Oak Park Township, we welcome your support and confirmation of the value of our township.

Clarmarie I. Keenan


Gregory P. White


Ali Elsaffar


Eric E. Davis

Michelle Mbekeani-Wiley

Adekunle “Ade” Onayemi

Margaret Trybus


Oak Park Community Service Party

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