Nancy Vesecky of Vesecky's Bakery, a sweet staple of Berwyn's Cermak Road.

Vesecky’s Bakery, a truly authentic Czech bakery, has been a purveyor of handmade Eastern European delicacies for the past 112 years. The bakery was started by Bohemil and Anna Vesecky in 1905 in Chicago. Thirty years later, their son James and his wife Alice took over the business and brought it to 6234 Cermak Road in Berwyn. In the 1960s, Vesecky’s moved down the street to its current home at 6634 Cermak Road. By 1995, the business was owned by the fourth generation of Veseckys—Dave and his wife Nancy as well as Randy and his late wife Diane.

This small storefront with its friendly, artisan bakers and unassuming mid-century décor has painstakingly maintained a charming “old neighborhood” look and feel. Vesecky’s Bakery has proudly stood the test of time for four generations, creating many fond memories and family traditions with their original recipes. Now a regional destination for those seeking bona fide Bohemian goodies, Vesecky’s is known for their kolacky, houska, Czech apple srudl, Hungarian strudl, hot cross buns and cookies. While true to their roots, Vesecky’s also uniquely reflects the change within the community and has opened up their menu to include seasonal products such as guava items and various Mexican cookies to accommodate Berwyn’s growing Latino population. They also take special orders.

“We are so pleased to be the recipient of this award. Receiving this award is such an amazing honor to be given to us by the BDC!” commented Nancy Vesecky.

Jousef Mondragon, BDC Board President, stated, “Vesecky’s Bakery is a true example of two worlds coming together, European pastries with delectable and discerning sensibilities—quite fitting for this year’s recipient of Berwyn’s most coveted Ashby Award!”

The George W. Ashby Award for Business Excellence is a local honor named after one of Berwyn’s distinguished early architects. Mr. Ashby was responsible for the design of every grade school in Berwyn as well as J. Sterling Morton High School. The award is given annually to one Berwyn-based business that presents a professional and favorable image to Berwyn, provides quality goods or services, maintains a visually appealing space, and practices high quality customer service to its patrons.

For more information on the Ashby Award, contact the BDC at 708-788-8100.

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