Oak Park media guru Charlie Meyerson misses the email business so much he’s decided to return to it — which is natural, considering he helped pioneer what’s now become something of a growth sector. The veteran journalist, who spent nearly 10 years operating the Chicago Tribune’s Daywatch (the city’s first “newscast by email”), will return to form with Chicago Public Square. 

The project, which launched last Friday, is a daily email newsletter and an accompanying website, chicagopublicsquare.com, which allows people to sign up for the e-newsletter.

“Each weekday morning, Meyerson will collect, curate, and report on some of the top news stories of the day — all of which will appear in subscriber’s inboxes in one handy email,” according to Chicagoland Radio and Media.

Meyerson told Chicagoland his decision to get back in the game was prompted, in part, by the specter of President Donald Trump.

“Especially with the Trump administration making big news every day, I’ve had an itch for some time to get back to the front lines,” he said. 

Meyerson will continue in his role as vice president of editorial and development at Rivet Radio. He’ll also stay on as principal of his consulting firm, Meyerson Strategy. 

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