It has been said before: New Year, New You. Gyms and fitness clubs lower rates and waive fees in hopes of spiking their membership numbers. Gyms offer classes, but oftentimes leave their members to work out alone on machines or in weight rooms with little to no direction. Classes focus on teaching a specific technique or work out skills, but do not always check in with attendees to see if they have questions or are performing correctly. At The Alley, you are not just another member—you are a valued participant.

For owner Taylor Lazzara, The Alley is different from other gyms: her gym is a collaborative effort between trainer and trainee to help bring mental wellness and physical fitness together. Taylor brings experience from both of these worlds. Studying for nearly 16 years and teaching for the past eight, she has an extensive background in Karate, Mixed Martial Arts, Jiu Jitsu and Personal Training. As a clinical mental health therapist, Taylor also holds double master’s degrees in psychology and art therapy.

Taylor integrates fitness into her clients’ therapy through different methods of movement. “I found that when doing these movement exercises, my clients started to feel more comfortable with themselves and their whole outlook changed,” said Taylor. She wants to highlight the importance of mental well-being through fitness. “I want to help others with developing a healthy mental attitude through fitness and providing fitness as a form of therapy,” said Taylor. She wants to provide more individual-focused support, a type of environment where the trainers know their participants’ names and how they’re improving. In effect, the attention of personal training is melded with the affordability and camaraderie of group workouts. With this type of relationship, she believes participants will be able to gain confidence and boost self-esteem. Packages are available for adults, children ages 6-14 years and seniors. All workouts can be tailored to the skill or comfort level of the gym’s members, even accommodating those with disabilities.

The Alley has 18 Muay Thai heavy bon a track, weight training equipment, MMA mats and men’s and women’s locker rooms. The facility offers a range of classes, including kickboxing, cardio boxing and boxing on a bag. In these classes, participants will learn skills like basic self-defense, quick reaction skill training, hand-eye coordination and more. The Alley also offers a high-intensity Tabata boot camp, a 2-month long program that meets 3 times per week and includes bi-weekly body measurements and strength tests to chart progress. Tabata is a Japanese, science-based  protocol  based on 20/10 timing, which follows 20 seconds of all-out exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, creating a challenging yet manageable interval regimen. Private training will also be available.

Throughout their grand opening week, January 2nd through January 6th, prospective clients can sign up for classes and meet Taylor from 10 AM to 1 PM and 5 PM to 8 PM. The Alley will also have a New Year’s Resolution special, where clients can receive 10% off 12-month memberships and enter to win a free pair of Title boxing gloves. Classes will begin on January 9. Different price packages are offered, allowing clients to choose what works best for their schedule. Package costs and details can be accessed the gym’s website.

“I am incredibly grateful for your support; I don’t even have the words to explain my gratitude. The door is always open for all,” said Taylor.

“The BDC is here to provide a venue and subsequent services for unique businesses and this particular business fits that bill. We’re excited that you’re here in Berwyn to make all of us healthy,” said BDC President Jousef Mondragon.

“When I first heard of Taylor’s vision, I thought that Berwyn could really benefit from it. We wish you the best of luck. Welcome!” said Mayor Robert Lovero.

About The Alley Fitness Boxing Gym
The Alley Fitness Boxing Gym bridges the gap between mental well-being and physical fitness, offering personalized classes for any population. Their instructors promise to provide the most effective communication, education and attention essential to maintaining your fitness goals. They offer boxing classes, kickboxing classes, tabata boot camps and more. For more information on The Alley Fitness Boxing Gym, please visit, send an email to, or call (708) 516-2025.

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