As of today, and, at least, through the April local election season, will require all commenters to use Facebook Verified to post a live comment to our site. More than four years ago, Wednesday Journal launched and, for the first time, allowed readers to post comments live. For the most part, those comments were posted anonymously. In most cases that has not been a concern as readers have attempted to insert some humor into their screen names or have stuck with a name and a consistent message.

But too often recently we have seen abuse of our system and our comment policy with comments being too personal and/or a single commenter using an array of pseudonyms but a single IP address.

With the intensity of a local election upon us, we have decided to step back, convert, as of now, to a Facebook Verified system of live comments and then, post-election, to reassess our options.

We hope that in the weeks ahead we will see a vigorous discussion of local issues but with names attached.

Would welcome your comments on this thread or you can reach out to me at

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