This is to thank the hundreds of citizens who put their names on the Wednesday Journal ad supporting the universal background check referendum for firearm transactions. To those who went further and donated towards the cost of the ad, thank you. To those who not only signed on but spread the word, great thanks. To those whose names we were not able to read or on which we made mistakes, our apologies. To those we were not able to make aware of the ad, we apologize. To those who missed the deadline for inclusion in the ad, we acknowledge your intention: 

Adria Dawn Tarleton, Mary Rita Skrine, Barbara Dolan, Laura Kitsos, Jen Rhomberg, Marietta and Bob Walsh, Glenn Brewer, Karla Chew, Galen and Marge Gockel,Jerry Delaney.

In the words of Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.” 

John and Kathy Barrett, Maarten Bosland, Joyce Champelli, Judy Grace-Gaietto, Ray Heise, Paul Sakol, Hilda Schlatter, Sandra Shimon, Ken Trainor, John Troelstrup 

Oak Park

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