My great grandmother, Alleane Thomas, was born in Springtown, Mississippi on July 1, 1917. She and my great grandfather, Jesse Thomas, got married on April 19, 1944. He was in the U.S. Army and served during World War II. They lived in Anguilla which is in the Mississippi Delta (Sharkey County). 

My great grandparents had seven girls and three boys: Nazaree, Yvonne, Rose, Irma, Deloris, Brenda, Jesse, Hillary, Lewis and Loretta. Two girls and two boys, along with my great grandfather have now passed on. Her youngest son, Lewis Thomas, was recently killed in an accident on June 1, 2014. 

She still serves on the Mother’s board at Christian Light M.B. Church in Anguilla. She enjoys singing and one of her favorite songs is: “I am going to make it somehow.” When she gets up in the morning, she picks up her cane and walks to her front door to thank God for blessing her to see another day. She always says, “It’s just nice to be nice,” “Always trust in the Lord,” “I’m still moving but I’m moving slow,” “God blessed me with some good kids,” and “Stay on the right road.” When I talk to her or see her, she says, “Do good in school”. 

Her daughter, Irma, went to Mississippi to care for her. When Irma leaves, one of her other daughters comes to stay with her. So my great grandmother is never alone. She is right when she stated that God blessed her with some good kids. 

She still likes to take walks to the end of her block and back to get some exercise. 

We are all blessed to have her blood running through our veins. Happy 97th birthday to my great-grandmother, Alleane Thomas!

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